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Company Valuations &

Independent Reviews

Pettingill Analytics provides full spectrum turnkey services for independent reviews and company valuations. Our valuation services include the following: 

  • Asset-based approaches

  • Earning value approaches

  • Market value approaches

Each of these valuations may take into account and adjusted multiplier based on the factors agreed upon between the parties, or based on the market condition in comparison to the forecasting. Any major changes in capitalization rate, balance sheets, or client composition, may also be factored in based upon our independent assessments, or the agreed conditions and terms. 

Market Analysis
Stock Market Down

When dealing with audits, CPA firms, and bookkeeping, it is often a monumental effort to get the transparency and validation that is required to get third-party financing, investors, and business intelligence to proceed. Often times, financials are produced under the auspice of "rose-colored glasses" or "doom and gloom", depending on the agenda of those who are involved on the peripheral. Because we are a unique company and do not offer traditional bookkeeping or CPA services (tax prep, etc.), we can present an independent and non-threatening assessment of the actual state of affairs, and recommendations for changes. We can then work with your third-party or internal financial professionals to adjust the course or direction of how operations and finance are working together. 

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