• Graduate Manchester University, Manchester, England, January 1977

  • Ph.D. – Economics, Department of Economics and Social Administration.

  • Dissertation: “Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Treatment of Arthritis –                    A Comparison of Five Hospitals.”

  • Graduate Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, June 1973

  • MPH-Master Public Health, Department of Health Economics and Medical Care Administration.

  • Graduate Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana, June 1971 and June 1969; MBA – Economics, BBA — Business Administration


1996 - Present



1988 to 1996

1987 - 1988

1980 - 1987

1978 - 1980

1977 - 1978

1975 - 1977

1974 - 1975

  • President and Founder of Pettingill Analytics, national consultancy and advisory services

  • Pettingill Consulting, expert witness services, medical evaluations, and structured settlements

  • Professor of Economics, Florida Institute of Technology, Graduate Business School, Treasury Coast Graduate Center, Stuart, Florida.

  • Taught Advanced  Macroeconomics, Managerial Economics, Health Care Economics,  Microeconomics at the graduate level.


  • Professor of Economics, Rinker School of Business, PALM BEACH ATLANTIC COLLEGE. Taught Microeconomics, Macroeconomics,

  • Free Enterprise System and International Economics.


  • Associate Professor, College of Business Administration, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHWESTERN LOUISIANA, Lafayette, Louisiana.

  • Taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Economics, Finance and Management.


  • Assistant Professor and Administrative Assistant, Department of Medicine, LSU MEDICAL CENTER, New Orleans, Louisiana. Principal duties at Medical School included lectures in Medical Economics, grant writing, and computer-assisted data analysis.


  • Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Management, UNIVERSITY OF NEW ORLEANS, New Orleans, Louisiana. Taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses in Economics and Health Care Management.


  • Research Associate in Department of Economics and Social Administration, UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER, Manchester, England. Dual appointment: Lecturer in Economics and Course

  • Coordinator of the Administrative Development Course for Hospital Administrators.


  • Research Fellow at the Centre for Studies in Economics and Social Policy, London, England. Primary task was a case study of Wigan Community Health Council.

  • Research published in a sequel to the book, Politics of Consumer Representation, by R. Klein and J. Lewis, Centre For Studies in Social Policy, London, England.


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  • Member, American Economic Association, 1983 – Present.

  • Member, Health Economics Study Group, Great Britain, 1973-Present.

  • Member, DECUS – Computer User Society, 1979 – Present.

  • Member, Emergency Medical Service, Inc., New Orleans, Louisiana, 1977-1979.

  • Member, Southern Management Association, 1980 – Present.

  • Member, Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1981 – 1984.

  • Member, Rotary International, 1983 – Present.

  • Member, Gideons International, 1978 – Present (Past President).

  • Member, Health and Safety Committee, Chamber of Commerce, 1984 – 1986.

  • Member, National Association of Forensic Economists, 1989 – Present.

  • Member, National Association of Business Economists, 1990 – Present.

  • Licensed, State of Florida and State of Louisiana, Health and Life Insurance. No. 43972-6317 (FL)