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Practice Edge


Competition for market share in among legal practices has never been more complex and demanding. Practice Edge is designed to give you an advantage on where, when, and how you commit capital and time. It also provides a business case to your current and future partners on the value of the firm now and for years to come. 

Practice Edge provides your firm with the following products and reports:  

  • Future Revenue Forecasts

  • Market Analysis of Current Revenue Trends

  • Firm Valuation 

  • Risk Assessments and Expansion Estimates

  • Operations and Vendor Guidance 

  • Independent Operation Assessments 

We've developed proprietary methods to give you and your firm the clarity and context to make moves, improve your cash flow, and allocate resources wisely. During this process we protect your data, keep all information at the highest level of confidentiality, and ensure the information is only delivered to the key decision-makers of the firm. 

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