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Medical Practice Consulting & Valuations

Pettingill Analytics offers consulting services for group practice investigations, analyzing patient flows, cash flows, and relevant financial information to determine the value of medical/dental practices. Evaluated several hospitals for sale or merger; also consulted on the value of nursing homes, orthopedic, plastic surgery, psychiatric, and cardiology medical practices.

Typically our clients save approximately 60-70 % of what they would have spent with a traditional CPA firm, and our services are still backed by CPAs. We also provide a support team to help extrapolate information that may be time-consuming and cumbersome to gather. In the end, the medical professionals we work with save time, money, and reduce the stress of major financial transactions. 

The following are a few instances where we've helped medical professionals in the past: 

  • Partnership formations

  • Practice acquisitions

  • Due diligence services

  • Financial analysis for purposes of location expansions

  • Asset Management analysis to improve underperforming locations

  • Independent assessments of PNLs, Forecasts, and Cash Flow; and

  • Creating HR policies and workflows

Doctor's Clinic
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