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Structured Settlements

Pettingill Analytics has licensed professionals able to provide competitive quotes nationally and internationally for structured settlements. These instruments can guarantee long-term security for clients, families, and attorneys. Income tax management (IRS Code 451 Compliant) and deferred payment options are available to qualified clients, families, and attorneys, along with educational materials regarding Constructive Receipt. In a Court proceeding, a plaintiff may be entitled to a structured settlement instead of a lump sum amount, to ensure that the long-term needs of the plaintiff are taken care of. In these instances, Pettingill Analytics can assist in creating an annuity that is managed by a life insurance company, with no attachment to the party at-fault. 

Credit Assessment

There are many types of cases where a structured settlement will greatly benefit the injured party or their estate, to include: wrongful death settlements, workers' compensation settlements, vaccine injury settlements, discrimination settlements, wrongful imprisonment settlements, sexual abuse or harassment settlements, or other cases where the individual receiving funds has long-term care needs due to disability, age, or other conditions. The settlements can be structured to benefit survivors and other beneficiaries or convert into lump sum under certain conditions. 

Why go through Pettingill Analytics? 

We are a diversified company with diversified skillsets, that provides a host of services directly and indirectly associated with healthcare, law, and policy. Accordingly, we are able to broker and create such structured settlements for less than others who are solely reliant upon such fees for their primary source of income. 

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